Eco Driving Tips To Save You Money

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Eco Driving Tips To Save You Money

May 24, 2022

With the soring prices of fuel at the moment, it’s timely to remind ourselves of some helpful eco-driving tips to help save us money on the roads.

Before leaving home it’s always best to avoid traffic congestions and leave home with time to spare.  Unload any unnecessary items and routinely check tyre pressure.

While driving, it’s advised to drive without haste, keeping an eye on your environment to always judge the situation correctly.

Set off just after starting the engine and accelerate slowly.  Depress the accelerator little by little.  Upshift as early as possible in case of a car with a manual transmission.

Maintain a safe distance between vehicles and avoid changing speeds often, driving at a constant speed as much as possible.  Keep pace with traffic conditions by only adjusting the accelerator so that speed fluctional can be minimized to keep constant speed as much as possible.

Release the accelerator as early as possible so that the car runs on inertia as far as possible.  Slow down using stop of fuel injection instead of braking hard just before stopping.  Turn the engine off rather than idling when loading or unloading or waiting for someone.  When you only need the heater, be sure to switch off the air conditioning.

For best practice eco-driving vehicle solutions, look at the Toyota Hybrid range.  The hybrid technology is simple and offers an optimal balance of performance and economy.  It combines a petrol engine for high speed driving, an electric motor for powering the car at low speeds and a battery that charges as you drive, using the engine or energy captured when decelerating or braking.

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