From toddlers to mascots, growing up with National Tree Day


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Since 2005, Bill Robertson Toyota has been more than just a dealership in the Gladstone region.

Supporting National Tree Days since it’s early years, their commitment has transformed landscapes across Boyne Island, Tannun Sands and Gladstone in Queensland, they have facilitated a deep community spirit among their staff and families.  

The dealership has a longstanding partnership with Conservation Volunteers and the Gladstone Regional Council. Over the past two decades, this collaboration has seen the dealership’s planting efforts rejuvenate various areas identified as needing renewal, with some areas receiving as many as 1,000 trees in a single planting event. 

In addition to large community planting events, they support local schools by donating a mix of native trees, shrubs, and garden plants. Schools like St Stephens College, Clinton State School, and Rosella Park School, among others, continue to benefit from their contributions.  

Family values front and centre  

What’s most uplifting about Bill Robertson Toyota’s participation in National Tree Day is the involvement of their staff and their families. Staff members not only volunteer their time during work hours to assist with school planting events but also give up their Sundays to support community planting activities and run a free BBQ for the volunteers! 

At the heart of this is the Robertson family. James Robertson, the Dealer Principal, and his wife Erin Robertson, the Marketing & Brand Manager, have involved their daughters, Ella and Lucy, in these events from a very young age. The girls have grown up with National Tree Day, starting as tiny helpers in mum's baby carrier! 

Growing up green 

Ella and Lucy Robertson’s journey with the event illustrates the impact of early environmental engagement. As toddlers, they were seen toddling around planting their tiny hands exploring the seedlings! There’s no doubt, these early experiences established a lifelong appreciation for nature. 

As they grew older, their roles developed. They began assisting with the BBQ, ensuring that volunteers were well-fed and hydrated, they even took on the role of Celia the Dolphin, the dealership’s mascot that represents a connection to local waterways and passion for the environment.  Ella, now 17, and Lucy, 14, continue to be enthusiastic participants, they’ve become icons of the yearly events, inspiring other young people in the community to get involved. 

Planting seeds for the future 

The impact of Bill Robertson Toyota’s involvement in National Tree Day extends beyond tree planting. By engaging staff, their families, and the broader community, they’ve created a legacy that will continue to grow for years to come.  

Their efforts remind us that National Tree Day is not just about planting trees, it’s about raising awareness of environmental responsibility and building community spirit – and making the Gladstone region greener in the process!  

Gladstone's community tree planting event for this year's National Tree Day is on Sunday July 28 from 8.30am.

Webb Park, Palm Drive Gladstone (next to the dog park).

Free BBQ and National Tree Day merchandise happening on the day.

Registrations essential, book here

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